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NTSquared delivers hosted solutions using extranet resources to create the back-end processes and the remote BI for creating front-end services. Projects typically include:

A security assessment is crucial in today's network environment where corporate networks are exposed to external sources including the public Internet. A security audit provides the information you need to make decisions regarding firewall placement, security patches, software upgrades, and access control policies. It helps avoid surprises and provide early warning to your system's vulnerabilities to internal and external threats. In addition, you can use the assessment report and consultation with our consultants to develop contingency plans for network vulnerabilities and security breaches.

Benefits of a Security Assessment

    * Verify router and firewall configuration regarding security

    * Identification of potential security vulnerabilities

    * Reduction in network down time due to security breaches

    * Gain information crucial for creating network usage policy

    * Comprehensive network documentation

    * High level overview diagram of the network

    * Information on applied security patches and hardware firmware

    * Intrusive and stress testing of network perimeter devices

    * Return on Investment

Typical Scenarios

    * Need for increased network security

    * Assess current security policies

    * Require firewall implementation or upgrade

    * Performance tuning security policies and access control lists

    * Detection of unsecured ports

    * Protect information confidentiality

    * Require assessment of workstation and server security

    * Identify potential weaknesses which may be manipulated

What's Involved?

Our security assessments include interviewing key technology staff members regarding overall network policies, evaluation of client networks, and a vulnerability analysis of current systems and network devices.

Intrusive testing of the internal network and perimeter devices for open ports and other vulnerabilities follows the interview. Information is collected and logged regarding physical security of network devices, security policy documentation, and data collected by the latest network sniffing equipment.

NTsquared can combine its tactical approach to identify shortcomings in the current network infrastructure with a strategic approach to plan and initiate the process of deploying security devices and security policies for your organization.